-Video Games-

A Long Journey to an Uncertain End, Crispy Creative 

Emery, Crunchbox Games

Honk's Level Repair (Music and FX, Global Game Jam 2020)

Jin Conception, Jin Wave Studio ("At Journey's End")

My Familiar ("Macho Pato" - Percussion, Comp. Tyler Mire)

Power Level, Christopher Smith

Spell Guardian, Ice Drum Games (Additional Music)

RapturePlatinum Star Games 

Vetrix, Pixel Racers

Warren Repair (Global Game Jam 2020)

When the Levee Breaks (Global Game Jam 2020)


CHAMPIONS: A Tribute to Shovel Knight ("Tango of the Troupple King")

VESSEL: A Tribute to Hollow Knight ("Kingdom's Edge")

Quarantets, Videri String Quartet ("The Shelter")


A Merry Hyrule Christmas, Drums ("Kakariko Village," arr. Eric Buchholz)

My Familiar ("Macho Pato" - Percussion, Comp. Tyler Mire, ft. Wayne Bergeron and Lindsay Miller)

-streaming & Podcasts-

Caveman: Endgame, Cavemanonly (Twitch, Youtube)

Table Flipping with Alyssa and Taylor (Podcast)


"You don't have to know Jesse long to see how much talent, knowledge and passion he has for his craft. His skill and knowledge, along with his responsiveness and eagerness to work with you make for a very worthwhile collaboration process. He will work to ensure that the music being produced is exactly what you're looking for. Jesse Myers is my first choice for all of my music-related needs for the foreseeable future!”


Ryan Blaha, Crunchbox Games

“We needed a fairly unique score for our trailer. Jesse’s intuition and flexibility helped us hit the mark in a quick span of time. In the end his music really amplified the visuals we’d spent so much work on. Would definitely work with him again.

Kylan Coats, Crispy Creative  

"Jesse is a talented composer, and a delight to work with. From the beginning to the end of our contract, he worked diligently and was quick to respond to all my questions. All while being extremely kind and professional. I was amazed at how well he was able to nail the vibe I wanted for my game! And even when it wasn’t perfect, he was more than happy to make precise changes, and chisel away until it was. I hope to work with him again someday, and couldn’t recommend Jesse more as a composer."

Christopher Smith, Power Level

"Jesse provided a soundtrack that perfectly matches my vision of the project - plus it was delivered with no delays at all. He truly understood my request and delivered a quality product. His work has been crucial to my project, as it allowed me to focus on providing a better gameplay experience without having to worry about a quality soundtrack."

Christos Petridis, Platinum Star Games