-About Me-

Jesse Myers is a Minneapolis-based composer and performing drummer with experience in a wide span of genres and settings. Having earned both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Jazz Studies from the University of Massachusetts and University of North Texas, he is informed by extensive study of harmony, improvisation, and orchestration, all the while maintaining the sensibilities and needs of music for film, games, and other digital media. 

Inside the gaming world, Jesse has quickly established himself as a diligent and versatile professional. Whether it's an intense orchestral project such as Power Level, or a more relaxed synthesized soundtrack such as Emery, Jesse has a firm understanding of not only what game music needs, but how it should meet the vision of the project creator. In March 2020, Jesse was a twice-featured presenter and panelist alongside composers Eric Buchholz (Hero of Time) and Alexander Brandon (Deus Ex) at VGMCon in Minneapolis. In October 2020, he was a finalist and overall runner-up to the Videri String Quartet's Quarentets competition for his arrangement of "The Shelter" from A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Outside of the gaming world, Jesse still performs regularly as an on-call drummer in the Twin Cities area. You can find him performing in pop groups, big bands, small jazz ensembles, and other various settings. As a former marching percussionist, Jesse won the Drum Corps International World Championships in 2013 as a member of Carolina Crown. He also continues to be a private educator for high school and college-aged students, and serves as an adjudicator for the Minnesota Percussion Association's competitive circuit.

When not working on music, you can find Jesse enjoying cooking, learning Japanese, playing DnD, snowboarding in the 6 months of Minnesota winter, and of course, playing video games on the couch with his dog, Artie.