Jesse Myers

Digital Media Composer & Performing Musician

Covering a wide breadth of styles and genres, Jesse is a composer for video games and other digital media dedicated to high quality production for your musical needs.



Emery, an Electrictrifying Platformer 


Being able to seamlessly work on a global level in music is one of my favorite things about composing, but I'm so happy to be working locally with Crunchbox Games on their upcoming title. You can learn more about the game here:

Return to Rapture

New tracks are scheduled and on the way for this turn-based RPG inspired title from Platinum Star Games. More news to come this the summer!

New Royalty-Free Audio Packs Now Available

Minnesota's stay-at-home rules are still in effect, and with the extra time I've had the opportunity to prepare and distribute many new packs of music created over the past year. Among many asset stores, you can find these packs here:

Power Level is Here!

Power Level is officially released! Download the game for free here:

The OST is also available and streaming on all major platforms! If you would like to download a free copy, you can at

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